"Arizona has been my home for almost 30 years  


with the past 17 of those in the South Mountain, Guadalupe and Laveen communities. I am passionate about helping to effect positive changes and growth within my community.  Many of my LD27 neighbors have voiced that education, healthcare and business development are major priorities for them, and I will fight for improvements in these areas.”

Education –

I will advocate for a stronger education system, and to place higher value on our teachers and educational support personnel.  I will work closely with teachers to learn how we can better support them in their daily efforts.  A competitive salary is crucial to ensure we can attract and retain top talent, but there are many more daily barriers teachers encounter that hinder their success with their students.  We need to do a better job of identifying and overcoming those barriers and working toward innovative improvements. I will represent all of our students, and fight for fairness and a quality education that meets the individual needs of each child. 

Economic Development

Education and business are closely linked because an educated workforce plays a significant role in attracting business to our state. Not only do we need to develop business across the state, our residents of LD27 have expressed a great need for more restaurants and local businesses within our own community.  I will work tirelessly to ensure well-planned growth and a focus on small businesses in LD 27.  

Health –

I have extensive experience in the health care industry and understand the critical need for a more effective and affordable healthcare system for ALL of Arizona’s population, not just those who can afford expensive insurance plans.  Healthcare is not just about having insurance, but also being proactive regarding preventive healthcare and healthy lifestyles.  I will focus on ensuring all Arizonans have access to affordable healthcare and education for preventive care.